Current Playlist

Here are the tracks currently being played on Atlantic Wave Radio:

TRACK: Shane Alexander – Outside The Lines
TRACK: Shane Alexander – Home Sick Again
TRACK: Shane Alexander – Brother Of Mine
TRACK: Laura Pharoah – Sweet Apple
TRACK: Art Linton – Love Will Find Us – A Long Time Coming
TRACK: AlukarD – Sunday
TRACK: Adam Hoek – Silverscreen
TRACK: Jennings – Falling Higher
TRACK: Janyse – Dreamers
TRACK: Warren Charles – Enter the Break
TRACK: Van Risseghem – Peace Of Mind
TRACK: Van Risseghem – Love, Again
TRACK: Triphazard – Anywhere But Monday
TRACK: 8 Switch – Winning War
TRACK: 8 Switch – No Kiss
TRACK: Stephanie Carcache – Mr Playa
TRACK: Road To Oblivion – Martha
TRACK: Road To Oblivion – Good Day
TRACK: Jono – Nothin Like That
TRACK: Ritchie and Paul – Chitory Bite
TRACK: This Is A Shakedown – Radio
TRACK: This Is A Shakedown – Electric Sound
TRACK: Scott Krokoff – You and Me
TRACK: Scott Krokoff – I Know Your Story
TRACK: Mojave – Your Silence Betrays You
TRACK: Matt Parad – Found
TRACK: Martijn Kuilema – Free To Do
TRACK: Ex-Norwegian – Sudeki Lover
TRACK: Adrienne Pierce – Through The Day
TRACK: Trina Elle – Stutter
TRACK: Trina Elle – People
TRACK: Trina Elle – Crept Up
TRACK: Janid – Twisted
TRACK: The Mighty Blue Ford – Sundowning
TRACK: The Mighty Blue Ford – September
TRACK: Samuel Ventura – Strawberry Soda
TRACK: Samuel Ventura – Burnout
TRACK: New York Summer – Could It Be
TRACK: New York Summer – Be Just Fine
TRACK: Mike McGill – Southern California
TRACK: John Taglieri – Make A Mistake With Me
TRACK: John Taglieri – Ferris Wheel
TRACK: John Taglieri – Breathe
TRACK: Dean Raven – All The Love
TRACK: Audrey Auld – Love You Like The Earth
Track: Phil Putnam – Sophisticated Life
Track: Phil Putnam – One Little Step
Track: Phil Putnam – More Than This
Track: ml – Missing You
Track: Phoenix Williams – Everything’s Good
Track: Dialog – Feel
Track: Lato – Everybody Knows The Way
Track: Telling On Trixie – Crash Me Up
Track: Telling On Trixie – Shooting In 60
Track: Telling On Trixie – Halfway Back To Sane
Track: Erika Jayne – Give You Everything
Track: Stephen Luke – Love Is
Track: Stephen Luke – No Man’s Land
Track: Jeff Ronay – Do You Still Love Me
Track: Sly Joe & the Smooth Operators – Brand New Walking Shoes
Track: Natalie Brown – Around The World
Track: Natalie Brown – I Knew You Were The One
Track: Margo Reymundo – I Saw You
Track: Margo Reymundo – Between Us
Track: Modern Science – I’m The One Pick Me
Track: Modern Science – Wrong Things Said The Right Way
Track: Modern Science – Whatever You Say
Track: Comandante Zero – Enter The Rain
Track: Show Me The Skyline – Get On Your Feet
Track: Show Me The Skyline – Clock & Calendars
Track: Jason Harrod – My Mad Girlfriend
Track: Jason Harrod – When I Fly Away
Track: Brother Love – There She Goes
Track: Brother Love – Summertime
Track: Brother Love – Push
Track: Brian Mazzaferri – Pass Through
Track: Brian Mazzaferri – Big Black Night
Track: Boy at Heart – Action
Track: Bob Pressner Band – Heart Of A Champion
Track: Black Lab – Without You
Track: Black Lab – See The Sun
Track: Bill – Sound Scientist
Track: Bill Johnstone – Devil On My Shoulder
Track: BenSem – Sunshine
Track: Bass Kittens – Undone
Track: Bass Kittens – Grow Up
Track: Astronauts of Antiquity – Beautiful Fate
Track: Astronauts of Antiquity – Miss Caroline
Track: Ashley Rose – Unpredictable
Track: Arlis Moon – Whatever You Want
Track: Arlis Moon – Change Your Mind
Track: Anemo – Shipping News
Track: Anemo – Music Box
Track: Andrew Vroomans – Monica
Track: Amer Diab & The Loan Sharks – Angeline
Track: Alamance – You Are
Track: Adrina Thorpe – Fly, Fly, Fly
Track: A Band Called Quinn – D.I.Y.
Track: 100 Year Picnic – I Don’t Know What To Tell You
Track: 46Bliss – In A Long Time