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The podcast is yours free to download, I never intend to make any charge for it. I ultimately do this show for the love of it and that is enough but I know some of you would like to send a gift be it for my birthday or christmas or just for the hell of it.

If however you would like to say thank you and show your support for the lots of hard work and time that it takes to put the show together and pay for everything involved and I can tell you it doesnt come cheap, then I would love if you could send a little gift my way via my Amazon wishlist.

Please don’t send anything you can’t afford, I don’t expect anything from anyone but it would please me more than you can know if someone was able to send a little gift my way.

There are lots of things in the list, this list is also used by my friends and family so there are some really low cost things and some more expensive things on there, pick what you would like to send and I promise to mention you on the show. Email me if you want your name mentioned after sending your gift.

And if you think i’m being greedy please understand that I myself send gifts to shows that I like, its so nice to give the hosts a boost and I have done it many times over the years and continue to do so in fact as I write this and add this page to the site I have a DVD and a CD ready to send out.

And if you do send something, then thank you so very much.

Anyway, enough rambling, here is the link:

Click here to see my wishlist

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