Atlantic Wave Radio

Now on iPhone and iPod Touch and Android

NEWS: This site now also supports Google Android as well as iPhone!

You can now view the Atlantic Wave Radio website on your iPhone or iPod Touch in either the original version or a new iPhone-esque styled version.

Atlantic Wave Radio iPhone Demo

The new version makes it much easier to navigate the site via the touch screen. It also loads a lot quicker, ditching a lot of the graphics you might not want to see while on the move.

You can also play episodes without having to sync with your PC or Mac. Just click the download link at the bottom of the page (next to the Submit Your Music link) and it will play right there and then. Obviously, we recommend you do this while connected to a WiFi connection due to download speed and cost issues.

You need never be without the latest episodes of your favourite podcast ever again!

The new version is set to show automatically when you visit the website on an iPhone or iPod Touch and you can choose to go back to “Normal View” if you wish, by choosing the link at the base of all the pages.

This change only affects you while viewing our pages via an iPhone or iPod Touch and if you look at the site with your normal web browser it will appear as normal.

Get Atlantic Wave Radio Live on iPhone and iPod Touch
with Tuner Internet Radio app

Start Tuner Internet Radio application

Click on Genres

Click on Open, at the top left of the screen.

Enter the Title as: Atlantic Wave Radio Live

Enter the URL as:

and press Done, at the top right of the screen.

Once the stream starts playing remember and bookmark it by hitting the bookmark logo at the top right of the screen.

You can get the Tuner Internet Radio application for your iPhone or iPod Touch by clicking on the logo below:

Atlantic Wave Radio Live on Android

I have not yet been able to verify if Android can play the Atlantic Wave Radio Live audio stream.

If anyone has an Android phone and can verify that the stream works would you email me and let me know please so I can pass the good news on. You can email me via the contact page. Thanks

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