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We know a good thing when we hear it here at Atlantic Wave, thats why back in 2005 we were given the nod to play out a track by an unknown band.

That band was Taxi Doll and the rest is history, right now they have been topping the dance charts in the US and UK as well as appearing in a star-studded list of TV shows and movies.

Their songs have been on MTV (Laguna Beach, The Hills) as well has other popular shows like CSI:NYC, Veronica Mars and Project Runway. Movie credits include John Tucker Must Die, Firewall and Shall we Dance; the band even had a song placed in an XBox video game.

Just one of the sucess stories of the “unknown” bands we have played here on Atlantic Wave that have gone on to major sucess.

Don’t forget, you will hear the best new music here first!

Visit Taxi Doll’s Website

Listen to Waiting by Taxi Doll