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Pod-Star Music Radio M0035

Pod-Star Music Radio M0035

MUSIC: Don Taylor - Now And Ever
BIO: Don Taylor is a composer and producer, living in Athens/ Greece
His music is influenced by the Mediterranean and the sounds of Greece.
Don produces music for all major record labels in Greece.
He remixed some of the top hits ever in Greece from the artists Anna Vissi, Vasilis Papakonstantinos, Dakis, etc

MUSIC: Bobby Tinsley - I’m Missing You
BIO: Bobby is an amazing talent. It’s not often that you hear about a person that sings, writes, produces, and performs their own music. Still, even more impossible to conceive, is the fact that Bobby is only 23 years old. His biggest influences growing up were Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight to name a few.

MUSIC: DJ Cristo - Evolve (DJ Cristo daydream remix)
BIO: As a London based DJ / producer, Christof wiseman (DJ Cristo) is a prolific dj for over nearly 2 decades, making music for the last 10.

MUSIC: Kingfinity - City
BIO: Kingfinity studied record production and recording engineering. He plays all instruments on his productions. He has won various songwriting and production contests.

This is a repost of an earlier episode.

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