Atlantic Wave Radio

Pod-Star Music Radio M0039

Pod-Star Music Radio M0039

MUSIC: Hamhorta - Penny On A Railroad Track
BIO: We are here to play music for the pure joy of creating. We have no pretense or motive other than jamming and having fun. Please join us.

MUSIC: Alicia Marie - The Honest Approach
BIO: Independent recording artist, Alicia Marie is one of the fastest rising musical talent in Los Angeles today. Her unique blend of folk and rock have earned her praise from crowds and critics alike.
Three times Los Angeles Music Award Nominee and recipient of the Indie Single of the Year

MUSIC: Pland - Impossible Day
BIO: Pland plays melodic rock & pop with attitude. The band was founded in 2005 and has been since delivering quality music without compromises.

MUSIC: Jeff Coffey - Say I
BIO: Jeff Coffey was born and raised in the Orlando, Florida area. He has always had in interest in music and began by playing trombone in his high school band as well as bass in various rock bands formed with his classmates. His High School Band was invited to perform at the Superbowl Halftime show in Tampa

This is a repost of an earlier episode.

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