Atlantic Wave Radio

Pod-Star Music Radio M0040

Pod-Star Music Radio M0040

MUSIC: Joshua Kadison - Carousel Horses
BIO: Joshua Kadison began playing piano and writing songs when he was 12. After being signed by SBK, he released Painted Desert Serenade in 1993. He is probably most known for one song, “Jessie” and took millions of listeners with this worldwide hit.

MUSIC: L.Abramson - Waterworks
BIO: Dark and melancholic, L. Abramson’s songs have both sweet and sad undertones. “…the tasteful use of sleepy accordion, slash-and-burn indie-rock guitars, and ghostly organs prevent Bedroom/Citys nine songs from sounding like folk for the freedom-55 set.”

MUSIC: Dropkick - Broken Satellite
BIO: Dropkick is a harmony-driven alt-country-power-pop band from Scotland. Imagine Paul McCartney playing “Duelling Banjos” with Buddy Holly and you’re halfway there….

MUSIC: Paul Linsey - Come Down
BIO: Catholic singer/songwriter. writing and performing for 30 years.

This is a repost of an earlier episode.

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