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Show numbers have changed, new shows begin with M0095

Change of show numbers this week

Where did shows 42-94 disappear to?

Short and sweet response: They’ve changed. M0042 will now be M0095, read below to find out why in more detail:

I have been podcasting for a while now, I guess I belong to the original group of podcasters. Get ready for a short history lesson! :-)

My first attempt was the wonderfully titled Johnny Phonic Radio Show. I then setup the Podcasting Directory (still running today) and changed the shows name to the PromoPicker Podcast but in reality that was one heck of a mouthful to say live while recording! LOL.

I then setup Pod-Star Podcasting and began with the Pod-Star Radio Podcast which spawned Pod-Star Video and ultimately Pod-Star Music Radio. Lots of shows, lots of podcasts.

Today only Pod-Star Music Radio remains, it has had its short breaks while work and personal life required but it continues as I really enjoy doing the show.

I like most of the podcasters out there do what we love for free. I get paid in knowing you out there enjoy what I do by listening and I am truly grateful that you do listen, its such a great treat to look over the figures and see all those downloads, ok its not millions but each download is special to me.

With many people podcasting out there show numbers mean something to new listeners and by not showing my podcasting history in the numbers I am selling this podcast a little short.

I decided to count up all the shows I had done and give this podcast show numbers that more accurately describe its heritage and the work I personally have put into it.

I hope you indulge me by allowing me to up the numbers from next weeks show from the original M0042 to the new show number of M0095. I’m not the only one to change their show numbers, although I didn’t make mine up (Mr Adam Curry hee hee)

So anyone new, you haven’t missed a thing, don’t worry!

I have lots of new things planned, just trying to get all my ideas together and actually put into action. Stick around, I know you will like what is coming, i’m excited and can’t wait to continue this journey with you.


Pod-Star Music Radio

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