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Pod-Star Music Radio for Sep 22nd - M0095 - New show numbers

POD-STAR MUSIC RADIO - NEW PODCAST FOR September 22nd, 2007! - M0095

Show numbers have changed. Please read the website ( for more information.

We promise you the freshest hits first so you can enjoy the best music on the move.

MUSIC: Black Lab - See The Sun
BIO: Black Labs Geffen debut gave us Wash it Away and Time Ago. See The Sun was picked by many as album of the year in 2006. The Lab is back, with Passion Leaves A Trace, a new album full of the soaring vocals and incandescent riffs that fans have come to expect.
SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Catriona - Angel on Your Shoulder
BIO: Catriona has been home schooled and has a flexible schedule. She is experienced in studio recording and has a 3.5 GPA. Catriona is currently preparing to sing for the major motion picture, “Faith”, a film by acclaimed director Joaquin Rodriquez.
SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Christopher Burke - Waiting On
BIO: A recent Nashville resident, I’ve been working on music all my life. With Pat McGrath (co-writer/producer), I have cultivated a sound that is just mine. A mixture of classic soul, pop… blue eyed soul.
SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Lee Coulter - Booty Voodoo
BIO: Australian singer/songwriter/producer now a San Diego local, got his start producing for other artists. Now he’s pursuing his own path, writing/performing/producing his original material.
SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

Pod-Star Radio - The Freshest Hits First


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