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Happy New Year from Atlantic Wave Radio - M0119

NEW PODCAST FOR New Years Day 2008 - M0119

My best wishes to everyone! Enjoy the New Years Celebrations, please drink responsibly and take care out there, its back to the weekly schedule with shows packed with new podsafe music.

New shows will be available for download early on Mondays each week.

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Welcome to our Holiday Hot Shot Episode of Atlantic Wave Radio.
There will be new tracks each day during the holidays, so don’t forget to download or listen online!

The regular shows including the Christmas Specials (2 parts) are still available so listen in if you haven’t already. Standard show length is around 6 tracks/25 minutes a week.

If your new, welcome, join me each week in the new year for great new music that you have to hear, visit the website or email me, [email protected]

MUSIC: What Is It - Maria Daines

BIO: International Online Music Artist of the Year 2006 & 2007, Maria Daines & guitarist/producer Paul Killington write songs about injustice, animal rights, gritty blues, hard rock and all points in between.


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Dreamer - Admiral Twin

BIO: Formed in 1996, Admiral Twin has released six CDs to date, including 2000’s critically praised Mock Heroic on Mojo/Universal Records, 2003’s Creatures of Bread & Wine, and 2007’s The Center of the Universe. Since 1998, the band has performed for 500,000 concert-goers all across the United States and Canada.


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

Visit the website for shownotes and extras or listen to past shows and interviews.

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Are you an artist that is looking for to get your music out to a wider audience then email us the details to: [email protected]

Remember and let us know who/what we should listen to and importantly, where we can find it.


We are always looking to play good podsafe music. If you have a track you would like us to play or would like to be considered for one of our interview specials please contact us at [email protected]


All music is Podsafe meaning it can be podcast but if you want to keep listening, please, support the artist by purchasing the track or album.

All music was sourced direct from the artist or from The Podsafe Music Network (, Magnatune (, IODAPromonet (, ( or Ariel Cyper PR (

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