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Feb 11th 2008 - M0124 - ATLANTIC WAVE RADIO

NEW PODCAST FOR Feb 11th 2008 - M0124

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MUSIC: Eggshell Egoz - Takin My Time

BIO: Eggshell Egoz formed in 2001, theyre a blend of pop, rock and funk combined with literature style songwriting. Their debut album “Funky Poetz” has been getting regular radio play throughout the US. Soon to be in a city near you.


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Goodwin - Write For You

BIO: Goodwin was formed in 2002, released a well-received eponymous debut CD in 2004, and brings energetic, intelligent power pop to audiences everywhere. Being selected as the Best Rock Band of 2005 by their local entertainment newsweekly


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Mubashir Noor - Escape Artist

BIO: Mubashir Noor - Vox, Lyrics, Compositions, Arrangements and a cast of revolving musicians


SOURCE: Direct From The Artist

MUSIC: Matthew Ebel - Downtown

BIO: If you havent heard Matthews music yet, youve been missing one of the top artists in the podcasting world. Adam Curry says:”Oh yeah, top-down drivin around music…feeling alive, awake, and full of fun.”


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Lisa Bouchelle - A Kiss is Worth a 1,000 Words

BIO: What do Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Cyndi Lauper, and Daryl Hall, have in common? Lisa Bouchelle has sung backup for them all. And now she is stepping out on her own, with a new CD of acoustic pop that has garnered rave reviews.


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

MUSIC: Ben Vega - The Sweetest Thing

BIO: Ben Vega, born in 75, began studying piano at the age of five and composing at ten. Since then, he has been involved in performing, arranging, teaching, conducting, and recording.


SOURCE: Podsafe Music Network

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