Atlantic Wave Radio

From 2009 I will be doing new shows
once per week
Click here for more info
NEXT PODCAST: January 9th, 2009


Yes, thats right Atlantic Wave Radio is making its way back to the internet airwaves!

We will have a new show EVERY day of the week that will contain one or more great new podsafe music tracks for you to enjoy.

No DJ, No Babble, No Interruptions, Just the good stuff! Were ALL about the MUSIC

Until then, enjoy the old shows from the last three years.

See you soon


NOTES: TODAY, MONDAY JULY 28TH 2008: Please expect some downtime and some non-fuctioning or changing features today as I upgrade the site to the latest versions and fix a number of bugs. These changes should be complete in a day or two at the most. So apologies in advance if any of this work affects your enjoyment but its all in the long term good for everyone. Thanks again. Enjoy!

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