Artist Profile: Anemo

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Artist Profile: Anemo

Artist Profile: Anemo

ANEMO began life in September 2002 when Kingsley Sage was auditioning singers for a song writing and recording project. The results had been universally disappointing (to put it mildly), until at the 11th hour a former actress and talented vocalist called Hazelle Woodhurst entered the picture. The two immediately got on well, with their shared love of different types of music and, of course, a good English cup of tea. The two set to work on penning a number of songs that would later become the basis of the ANEMO’s first album. They decided that the project needed a rock edge, and to that end guitarist Matt Palmer was added to the mix.

After countless evenings at the band’s basement studio in Brighton, the three had amassed an impressive collection of pop-meets-rock-meets-electronica tracks. At this point, the group took on the name ANEMO, a word that means “changing forms”, to reflect the blend of styles and influences that was brought to the music. The strong vocal melodies and distinctive style caught the attention of Trebor Lloyd, CEO of New York-based upcoming independent record label City Canyons. In summer 2005 ANEMO signed a 3 album record contract with CC and began to record the final tracks for their first album.

The trio’s debut album Slowburn was met with critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tracks played on Atlantic Wave Radio:

Track: Anemo – Shipping News

Track: Anemo – Music Box

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