WinAmp for PC


You can listen to Atlantic Wave Radio using WinAmp for you PC.

There is a free and premium version of WinAmp available for download.

Click here to download WinAmp

Once you have installed WinAmp on your PC, you need to download and open a file to link it to Atlantic Wave Radio, choose a file from the links below:

Click here to listen to Atlantic Wave Radio 96kbps Standard Stream on WinAmp.

Click here to listen to Atlantic Wave Radio 32kbps Mobile Stream on WinAmp.

If you get the following message click ‘Open’ to continue:


Atlantic Wave Radio should now be playing on your WinAmp player.

Remember and bookmark us so you can find and listen to Atlantic Wave Radio faster next time.

You can do this by clicking on File, then Play Bookmarks and finally click on Add Current As Bookmark.


When you want to play Atlantic Wave Radio in WinAmp next time, just click on your Bookmarks link on the left, then double click the bookmark on the right.